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So many families and entrepreneurs are spending thousands of dollars each year just servicing debts without getting ahead. There are the added enormous emotional costs of shame, blame and feeling out of control. Yuck! It is hard on families, on relationships and on the success of businesses.

At ProsperologyU, we empower our clients to take control of their money life. Simple systems and strategies combined with a new relationship with your money change the way you manage your money life forever. You feel in control, talk about your money with ease and see your debts decreasing and savings growing.

Look Forward to the Future – We help you make friends with your money – personal and business. Your future looks bright with more money, better relationships and more fun! You’ll feel more confident and competent about managing your money. Our financial management solutions are just the tools you need to get you on track.

Money Life Overhaul Course

Money Life Overhaul Course is a foundation program for your money life. It’s a self-paced online course, designed to transform how you do money. The step-by-step approach describes in detail how to create a new money picture in your household.

Enroll from anywhere in the world and work at your own pace. You’ll get instant access to all the lessons, and you’ll join a global community of motivated and supportive money love overhaulers.

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Money Life Overhaul Intensive

The Money Life Overhaul Intensive is semester of guided learning, accountability and support. When you enrol, you get instant, lifetime access to the Money Life Overhaul Course.

You also get the motivation that comes from live online classes, Q&As, discussion groups, feedback on assignments, live support from Karen and master classes with amazing guest experts.

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