Getting out of debt.
Making money to be not so hard.
Ditching clients who don’t pay.

Sound familiar? Sandra came to me with these challenges and a desire to change them.
The first thing we did was talk about a new way of looking at things.
So often you focus on what you don’t want. Get out of debt. Don’t get old. Don’t be fat. Don’t have crappy clients. Don’t be lazy. Blah, Blah, Blah.
So … since what you focus on expands, and you are focusing on all the garbage you don’t actually want, what are you expanding? That’s right! What you DON’T want!
You will notice what you don’t want first for sure. You want to get out of debt. Pay off your credit cards. Lose weight. You push away from what you don’t want which gets you motivated to do something about it. Yeah to motivation!

Here is the challenge when you stay focused on the problem or pain…

Focus determines Actions, Actions Determine Results.

What you FOCUS on is directly related to the actions you take. When you are focused on debt, you take actions focused on debt – counting how much you have, shuffling debt from one spot to another, juggling to make it work.

Since Focus determines Actions and Actions Determine Results, you MUST focus on what you want to create the life, the business, the prosperity you really want. Turn around away from the problem and focus on what you DO want..

When you are focused on prosperity, generating revenue or savings, you take actions towards prosperity, revenues or savings. You make make different spending choices towards what you want. You ask for the sale. You choose opportunities that will make money.

When you FOCUS on what you want, you take ACTIONS towards it.
Then you get the RESULTS you want.
Rinse and repeat. Focus, Actions, Results. Go!

Want to know more about what you are focusing on?
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