Everyone seems to want some new tool or strategy to make money easy to understand and easy to make.
Here is what I know to be true:

Money is an INSIDE Game first.
I have been saying Make Friends with Your Money for more than 6 years! Now, I am SO done with giving people false hope. Tools are great … and they come AFTER.

Listen – before you can implement a bunch of awesome tools, you must get your head in the right place. When you have your FOCUS in the right direction, then you can take the actions that will create the results you want.

It is all so much easier when you focus on revenue instead of debt, isn’t it?

Oh – I have a ton of great tools and we will get all of that good stuff … when you can actually use them. The first step must be to clean up the thoughts, beliefs and habits around money that are stopping you from making, keeping and using money effectively. Then you can use the tools.

Cleaning up what is going on INSIDE is the gateway to prosperity.

So – what is that one thing, that belief or habit, that big block to your prosperity?
With love and light,

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Karen Collacutt
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